Mapping Motivation Event with James Sale – 22 Feb, 2016

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Oxford Technology & Media were delighted to welcome author and coach James Sale (author of “Mapping Motivation”) to kick off 2016 with a fascinating look into how you can map motivation and bring true insight into the uncertain world of people management.

Love may well make the world go round but how well do we really understand what gets people out of bed in the morning let alone enjoy what they do?

How important is creativity in the world of work? Why are some people so difficult? How do you get everyone pulling in the same direction?

How do you find and motivate the truly outstanding people?

James explored the nine motivators, how motivation changes with time and how it affects team and organisational dynamics within organisations such as John Lewis and Ordnance Survey.

In a world dominated by change and technology, James explained that just by thinking about what motivates your people creates a level of growth and development that many organisations can only dream about.

Date:  Monday 22nd February 2016, 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Venue: The Story Museum, 42 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP

Video by Paul Wightman, filmmaker and owner of Indigo Dingo Ltd – film production and moving image communications agency.

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