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The 5G Myth and the Internet of Things: What Next? – June 2017
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Digital is becoming ever more pervasive in our everyday lives, from film-makers to universities to SMEs to multinationals, and it now forms a core part of most organisations’ daily operations.

The ‘Digital’ rate of change will only continue to accelerate as new technologies such as distributed ledgers and the Internet of Things become even more prevalent.

The Gaming of Virtual Reality? – May 2017
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Driven by the new wave of digital creativity, content creators and media technologists are increasingly exploring novel new formats such as virtual reality and gaming.

Last year’s Bjork Digital exhibition demonstrated both the creative potential and the sharp economics of curating an art exhibit that combined extraordinary creativity with minimal installation costs. On the gaming front Pokémon Go astounded the market with its geolocation augmented reality technology.

The Rise of The Social Network – Are We Human Yet? – Mar 2017
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Referrals, introductions and networking have always been the best way to get new clients and win new business.

However, generating such leads takes time and effort. Recently acquired by Microsoft for an eye-watering $26bn, there are over 445 million users on LinkedIn, that’s more than half of the business people on the planet, making it by far the world’s largest business-to-business social network.

CyberSecurity – Do you feel safe yet? – Jan 2017
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An Englishman’s home may well be his castle but in today’s world criminals from anywhere on the planet can easily get into it with a few well-chosen keystrokes.

From the US Election to Bank fraud to ransomware, the benefits of a truly digital society are steadily being blighted by a new generation of smart criminals and anonymous hackers.