The Gathering Storm – AI, Innovation & The Future of Work – November 2017
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Join Angelique Mohring as we ponder the gathering storm that AI brings and answering questions such as: Have we thought about what it means? What happens to the workforce that is no longer needed? What roles are impacted? What can the government do? Most importantly, will the new jobs created through innovation replace the roles lost to AI?

The Great Greek Currency Hack – Blockchain for good? – Sept 2017
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“Is it possible for Greece to regain control of its own destiny? Could we truly help them do that by creating a modern Trojan Horse?” What if Greece had its own, new parallel currency. What if Greeks could pay, save, invest and pay taxes in this new currency using mobile technology? What if it made allowances for “off book” cash transactions like a paper currency?

The 5G Myth and the Internet of Things: What Next? – June 2017
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Oxford remains at the hub of IoT development with Nominet pioneering database work and Dynamic Spectrum Access technology, also Love Hz demonstrating the use of IoT to provide visibility of flood control on the River Thames.

Oxford Technology & Media are delighted to welcome Professor William Webb, CEO of Weightless SIG and author of “The 5G Myth”. A pioneer of much of today’s thinking in wireless communications, including TV Whitespaces, “The 5G Myth” is fast becoming the definitive volume of the next development in the wireless industry.

The ‘Digital’ rate of change will only continue to accelerate as new technologies such as distributed ledgers and the Internet of Things become even more prevalent.

The Gaming of Virtual Reality? – May 2017
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Driven by the new wave of digital creativity, content creators and media technologists are increasingly exploring novel new formats such as virtual reality and gaming.

Last year’s Bjork Digital exhibition demonstrated both the creative potential and the sharp economics of curating an art exhibit that combined extraordinary creativity with minimal installation costs. On the gaming front Pokémon Go astounded the market with its geolocation augmented reality technology.

Cally Robson – A Tribute
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Tony Henderson celebrates the life of our friend Cally: For my friend and fellow OTMFN board member Cally Robson who tragically died of cancer on Tuesday 19 May. The Invisible Force The Invisible Force that beset you That you fought … Read More

Guest Post: Behold the new organisational model. It may be teal but it’s agile
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[box] We welcome this guest post from Russ Lewis – The Agiliser and Senior Partner at Storm Consulting. Find out more about Russ, Storm Consultingand what Agile means in business here[/box] There is a workplace evolution underway, lots of people are … Read More

Calling businesses looking to expand in or to Oxfordshire
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This is a guest post (hopefully the first of many) introducing the Invest in Oxfordshire service Invest in Oxfordshire is a free, confidential inward investment service. With partners, we support new companies to move into Oxfordshire; and existing companies to grow. To date we … Read More

Enough of the Cloud Already, What’s Next for Enterprise Technology?
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[box] A guest post from Richie Etware, leader in design thinking, organizational transformation, innovation, and thought leadership. Folow the lively discussion on the full article here.[/box] Business leaders interested in the future of enterprise technology should stop thinking of “the … Read More

University of Oxford signs collaboration agreement with Digital Catapult
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The University of Oxford has announced a collaboration agreement with the Connected Digital Economy Catapult.As part of the agreement the University will work with the Digital Catapult, business and the public sector to collaborate on joint projects and activities. The … Read More

The relationship between technology & anxiety
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An external event that members may find interesting: Magic & technology: or why we need to rethink Arthur C Clarke’s Third Law Said Business School Seminar: Genevieve Bell , 4th February, 6pm Genevieve Bell is a well known anthropologist, working at the … Read More

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