The 5G Myth and the Internet of Things: What Next? – June 2017

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The 5G Myth and the Internet of Things

What Next?

You can see the full blurb for the event at the event registration page.

Date: Monday 19th June 2017, 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Venue: The Story Museum, 42 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP

Oxford remains at the hub of IoT development with Nominet pioneering database work and Dynamic Spectrum Access technology, also Love Hz demonstrating the use of IoT to provide visibility of flood control on the River Thames.

Oxford Technology & Media are delighted to welcome Professor William Webb, CEO of Weightless SIG and author of “The 5G Myth”. A pioneer of much of today’s thinking in wireless communications, including TV Whitespaces, “The 5G Myth” is fast becoming the definitive volume of the next development in the wireless industry.

We are delighted to have him speak on this critical topic, in his own words:

“5G – the next generation in mobile telephony – is heralded as a huge advance in global connectivity. But the vision is flawed. It is flawed because users will not value the higher data rates that are promised and will not need the higher capacity forecast. It is flawed because technological advances are insufficient to realise the vision and because mobile operators are insufficiently profitable to afford it.

“Yet it is not in the interests of any of the stakeholders to point this out. They all benefit from the interest, funding and potential that 5G promises. There is an alternative vision where industry focuses on consistent connectivity everywhere rather than unnecessarily fast speeds in city centres.” – Professor William Webb


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